Welcome to place

Hey you somehowhow found this place, this is the third time I redo this page, The first time because it was a page i made in like 5 minutes, the second one because the code sucked and now i feel like I made a just right layout that I can build upon

What things are there to see in here?

So after a while of thinking what to put on this page i have a vague idea on what to make.

In this page i will make reviews of games that I have played and probably about weird Operative systems such as Hannah Montana linux (this is real) or anything IT related, also ill post stuff to my blog from time to time. Also i want to make each review's page have his own CSS style.

Funny buttons

So I Really like the idea of having buttons that link to other people's websites, and I dediced to make my own button. add my button to your page if you want

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