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7/12/2023 [Getting stuff done]

So I finished all my exams for the year and i can finally start doing the thing i've been wanting to do, and i want to do a lot of stuff like adding things on my "stuff" page, and i have plans for what i want to write about. I want to write a review about cult of the lamb which is a game that i am enjoying a lot and i want to write like a tutorial for customizing a linux desktop so im gona have to do a lot of research for that. also because i like video editing i want to edit a bunch of videos i have been recording for like the past 2 years and i dont know if should start with making stuff for this page or if i should start editing videos, I guess ill figure it out. Anyways like we say in Spain with a low resolution image of Chris Pratt: La navidad se acerca.

An image of Chris Pratt with a chistmas hat with bottom text saying La navidad se acerca

14/11/2023 [My first blog and how I found neocities]

Yo what up, the name's mugira. This is my first Blog, so federiefederi suggested me to make a blog and I was like "sure why not" then I proceed by accidentally deleteting the comment because me big dummy. Anyways I have never written a blog before and I think its a geat idea to start with how I ended making a page on neocities, so the way i found neocities was a bit odd, not a big conspiracy theorist or anything but i was watching a video about the dead internet theory, the video had a link in it that lead to a page of someone talking about you guessed it dead internet theory, and this page really impressed me it wasnt like the typical corporate style of most websites, it was more of like a 2000's style website, and i really liked it, then i found a 88x31px button which took me to a neocities page, and i again really liked the page style so i pressed on more 88x31px buttons till i notice that most of those websites contained the word neocities in the https so decided to search neocities on google and the rest is history. So thats how i found neocities, sorry if some parts contain broken english, its not my native lenguage.